“How many Indian fans are watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai (ZGH) across the border?” is a question posted on the Facebook page of the serial, which ranks amongst the all-time hits on Pakistan television.
Rajat Chhabra was one of those Indians who watched it and wanted to share his feedback: “Fan from India! Really a mesmerising, fantastic show. Great story. Superb acting. Fabulous cast! What Indian TV shows can’t express in thousands of episodes, they did it in 26! Hats off! May you make more like these. Good work!” What Chhabra perhaps didn’t expect was the gushing response to his comment from fans on the other side of the LOC — within 24 hours over 1,650 would like his post and 121 would comment on it. And Chhabra was not the only one who replied to the poser — 5,850 others did too, besides the 91,540 who ‘liked’ the question.
If numbers tell a story, this is the narrative of an India-Pakistan connect, courtesy Zindagi. A general entertainment channel from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL), Zindagi is the first of its kind, exclusively broadcasting content from Pakistan. Going by initial reports, Zee has pulled off a coup of sorts.
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(Published in BLink on July 18, 2014)